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Oahu's popular west side community offers tree lined neighborhoods, a laid back lifestyle, and favorable real estate prices. Many homes in Ewa Beach are new or newer which makes them appealing to many buyers.

Ewa Beach Homes | Popular & New

Situated on the west side of Oahu, Ewa Beach is one of the most popular communities on the island.  With single home and townhome neighborhoods throughout, Ewa Beach has a laid back suburban atmosphere.  It is popular with residents who enjoy newer construction homes with flat usable yards, like to be away from a city setting, those who often work on the west side of Oahu or on military bases, or those individuals and families who simply enjoy the west side.  With an abundance of shopping, amenities, and beaches a short distance away, the day to day living is comfortable and enjoyable for Ewa Beach residents.

New & Newer Homes in Ewa Beach

It's not hard to see why Ewa Beach is popular with buyers often PCSing to Oahu, and local residents alike. It's a very pretty area with plenty of landscaping, golf courses, and newer home communities. Although Ewa Beach has older homes, it's often the newer areas that are a draw for many. Often buyers don't want to worry about having to update or remodel the homes that they are purchasing. That's often the appeal of new and newer homes. It's like purchasing a new car. There is not much to worry about in the beginning and the homes offer some of the latest trends in design. Since Ewa Bech offers the largest assortment of newer homes on Oahu, it has become a popular home buying destination. New homes in Ewa Beach are also an option; however, they are a little harder to acquire. The majority of new homes are sold through a lottery system. High demand for Ewa Beach homes outpaces supply, and the lottery system is a fair way for developers to offer the homes to qualified buyers.

Competitive Pricing

Aside from the pretty presentation, the appeal of Ewa Beach Homes are the prices. Compared to Honolulu, and the surrounding areas, Ewa Beach has attractive pricing for what buyers can get. In most instances, it is impossible to buy a comparable home anywhere else on Oahu.

Ewa Beach Shopping & Amenities

Oahu's west side, mainly Ewa Beach and Kapolei, are the hottest residential areas. In the last few years, there has been a significant uptick in retail, restaurants, and commercial development in the area, with more businesses moving over continuously. Residents, who previously had to travel to Honolulu for services, have them all available now within a short drive from home. When looking for a home on Oahu, Ewa Beach is definitely worth considering. 
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